Everything revolves around color so choose yours carefully. Be sure to select colors you can live with.
Gather samples of carpet, furniture or drapery fabrics, a pillow, etc. to help with your color selections for interior painting. Colors may vary in different lighting. Choose paint colors in the sunlight if painting the exterior and in your home if painting the interior. Narrow selections to two or three. Choose ones that best give the effect and color you want. If you can’t decide, assist the aid of a qualified decorator. Then settle on your favorite!

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  • Our Services:

Complete Exterior Painting

  • Includes water preparation, 100% acrylic spray brush roll- complete exterior restoration
  • Complete Interior restoration, includes: spray brush roll, 100% acrylic, ceilings, trim, walls, cabinets
  • Epoxy Garage Floors: garages, walls and ceilings
  • Minor segment repairs  
  • Latex and oils 
  • No roof oiling